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Scroll to page 234 to review David Oliver’s opinion piece on Digital Environmental Assets (DEAs)


How to Leverage Carbon Markets to Decarbonize the World

The report, commissioned by the Vancouver Economic Commission, provides valuable insights and strategies on how businesses and governments can effectively utilize carbon markets to achieve their decarbonization goals.

Protecting Our Only Home.

My Work

I am committed to promoting the widespread use of carbon markets as a means of achieving rapid decarbonization. Through my work, I strive to align financial interests with the goal of sustainability, engaging with a wide range of stakeholders across the value chain.

Role: Co-founder & CEO

Greenlines empowers individuals and businesses to make a positive impact on the environment through our advanced digital MRV processes that recognize and reward sustainable behavior in the mobility and e-commerce industries.

Role: President

The Suomi Group is an advisory firm that specializes in providing strategic guidance and IP development to businesses and governments on environmental finance to achieve sustainability.

Role: Head of Carbon

DevvStream is a technology-based ESG public company that advances the development and monetization of environmental assets, with an initial focus on carbon markets. We work with governments and corporations worldwide to achieve their sustainability goals through the implementation of curated green technology projects.

Role: Head of Carbon Program Development

Marmota is a pioneer in environmental asset creation, green project management, emissions mitigation, and sustainable financing. The company’s primary focus is the implementation of large-scale, technology-based decarbonization projects that generate revenue directly from carbon markets, with a focus on municipal and provincial across Canada.

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My Values


An uncompromising consistency to deliver above and beyond expectations while keeping the highest levels of honesty and confidentiality.


Adherence to ethical principles of trust beyond what is expected. A trusted advisor to help navigate complex decisions.


Unparalleled determination in delivering unique strategies and thorough execution in complex environments.

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About Me

David Oliver is a multi-faceted entrepreneur working at the crossroads of capital, technology, and environment. He works relentlessly for the betterment of fellow Canadians.

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