A 15+ year global professional, I am a strategist supporting organizations execute on strategic initiatives.

Professionally, I specialize in C-level/Boardroom management, providing vision, strategic guidance and program management expertise to clients across the globe. From executing infrastructure and resource capital projects across North America, to leading strategic trade organizations in Europe, to leading strategic initiatives and partnerships across Africa, Middle East and Europe, I excel engaging large groups on complex initiatives where business, governments and technology meet. My core area of expertise is the resource, infrastructure, utility and technology sectors, although I’ve been involved in others initiatives in the aerospace, military and manufacturing sectors.

Personally, I am a mix of Spanish and Finish cultures, speak three languages fluently, and understand a few others. I grew up on a family of nine siblings, where my father was one of the top entrepreneurs in Spain for decades in diverse sectors such as construction, satellite communications and shipbuilding. I was educated with the Jesuits and had the opportunity to share lots of time with some of the most reputed influencers in Europe on diverse topics such as Bioethics, History, and Philosophy. Over the years I lived and worked in 3 continents, including North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East, which has given me a unique perspective of the world stage, and doing business, and interacting with different cultures. A couple of years ago my wife and I decided to travel the world with our 2 young daughters before relocating back to Vancouver, Canada.

I have always been prone to taking big calculated risks, and tend to follow that premise both in my personal and professional lives. I challenge myself constantly to do better, learn more, get better. Like the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, used to say: “No risk, no glory!“. I strongly believe we have a duty to do our best, and give back to others who do not have the same opportunities as we had.

What Others had to Say [more]

“…one of the most outstanding professional I have ever worked with…

“An open minded executive capable of dealing with all kind of challenges…

“An energetic and highly organized project manager…


Born in the Island of Mallorca, Spain, David grew up in a large entrepreneurial family. Educated with the Jesuits and hungry to learn, he moved to Barcelona and completed his Industrial Engineering degree thanks to scholarships and part-time jobs.

He quickly showcased his leaderships skills when he lead one of the most challenging projects ever completed at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Flyray Project. He was the inspiration and the force behind this 2 year project that moved 8 undergraduates to complete a revolutionary commercial aircraft design capable of flying 350+ passengers.

Professional years

While juggling two roles as a Director of KNX Association Spain and General Secretary of CEDOM, he completed his Final Project as an Engineer, being mentored by the VP of Marketing of SIEMENS Spain. The project was a vast marketing plan for the home & building automation market in Spain, which was used by SIEMENS as a keystone to develop their business in the country during the next several years.

Under his leadership at CEDOM and KNX, David grew those organizations both in membership and influence in the industry and government. He quickly became a key player and opinion leader requested in most forums and industry meetings. He developed a deep insight of the industry value chain and leveraged it to coordinate major players.


After those years of incredible success at CEDOM and KNX, David became interested in getting into a private company within the building automation industry, and Merten GmbH was the perfect fit. Being the market leader in the German-speaking countries in Europe, it had a strong product offering as well as a well defined go-to-market strategy. The partnership with Merten to create the Spanish branch was born. 3 years later a group of Managers had developed with David the brand awareness in Spain and
Merten was ready to launch, when Schneider Electric acquired the company. David then became part of the organization leading the KNX business in Catalonia and Balearic Islands.


Shortly after, during his honeymoon trip to Western Canada, David and his wife fell in love with the country and after a short time back in Spain, decided to move to Vancouver. Ready to continue developing his skills, David joined Eaton Corporation, the leading Power Management company in Canada, and managed some of the largest and most complex projects across the country, such as most of the infrastructure projects for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, the largest Cooper mine in Perú, or key economic drivers as the YVR International Airport expansion. In 2013, David was relocated to EMEA, based in the head office in Switzerland, to develop the Corporate Marketing area across the region.

Recently, David and his family have spent several months traveling the world with his 2 young daughters. He is now based in Vancouver and currently leading the sales & marketing side of the business with one of the leading battery technology companies in the market: Cadex Electronics.

On the personal side, David enjoys hiking with his family, sailing, windsurfing and outdoors in general. During last years he has become more interested in nature photography as well as travel videos, being featured as a finalist in the Vancouver Tourism contest with his video “24 hours in Vancouver“.