Unleashing Creativity & Innovation

David Oliver is an individual that drives creativity to the teams he manages, and is constantly looking for new ways to getting things done in a way that profoundly changes not only the results, but also the processes and the status quo. He thrives unleashing the creativity in the teams, to make them manifest their best ideas, and then turning into something measurable, innovative and with impact into the organization.

Over the years, David has worked on numerous initiatives that required not only creative minds like his, but someone able to introduce change into relatively stable systems. Making those ideas viable, identifying an unrecognized and unmet need, David used innovation to apply the creativity in the teams to design an appropriate solution and reap a return on its investment.

As KNX Association Director, David was the first organization worldwide to develop a KNX User’s Club (called back then EIB User’s Club) – an innovative idea to generate a critical mass of industry professionals working together in contact with the large manufacturer’s to ensure the industry developed on a solid and structured manner. That simple idea has now become an example replicated globally with 16 KNX User’s Clubs currently active.

A more recent example, during his role as EMEA Corp Marketing Manager at Eaton Corporation, David was faced with a challenge to deliver a higher ROI for some strategic initiatives, while reducing unit cost. He not only delivered higher ROI on the traditional platforms, but he was also able to develop and implement a new platform to deploy those initiatives, which delivered returns higher on orders of magnitude. This new platform is now replicated globally due to its major success in the region.