Thorough Execution

Over the course of his career, David has focused himself not only on the strategy, but also on the execution side of the business. During last years in EMEA, David has been tasked to implement high-profile strategic initiatives that involved very large groups of colleagues across regions, functions and divisions. He was able to pull these groups together, and delivered these projects not only in time and on budget, but the actual goals were vastly surpassed and quality unmatched by any other team in the company. David enjoyed working with cross-functional teams across the EMEA region to provide quality, efficiency and high impact to each one of the initiatives.

During his time in Canada, while acting as Project Manager, he successfully completed over 80 Power & distribution projects, in the areas of Mining & Resources, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Government, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, etc, including some high profile jobs such as most of the infrastructure projects for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, YVR Airport expansion, Billiton mine for BHP, or Cerro Verde mine in Peru.

Vancouver Olympics 2010

With 8 years of Project Management experience, execution was always part of David’s career. He enjoys the ability to convert great strategies into cohesive teams who can develop, implement and execute the project. A n early example of David’s project & team management abilities happened during the early days in Engineering School, where David acting as team leader of 8 students over 2 years, developed a 350+ passenger commercial aircraft capable of competing with an Airbus A330.

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