Vision & Strategy

During the course of his career, David Oliver has had the opportunity to develop and implement numerous groundbreaking initiatives. His understanding of the complete value chain, his vision to achieve the greatest together with the strategic mindset allowed him to contribute to the organizations he has partnered with.

During the years at CEDOM, David developed a whole range of strategic initiatives such as the creation of the Market and Standards’ framework required for the member companies to grow their business organically, developed an extensive formal Professionals’ network to support market development, as well as he also lead the training efforts with training centers and Universities, to develop training courses for young professionals across the country. The end result of these strategic initiatives was over 25% market growth YoY and equivalent numbers for revenues of the member companies.

As KNX Director, David developed a business plan that over the next years would lead the KNX to become the main technology supported by the Spanish Government, Training Centers and other key players in the country. This in turn created enormous business opportunities for the member companies. To this day, KNX is the only government-supported Building standard in the country which allows member companies to gain a competitive advantage vs other technologies. Among other initiatives, David also led the training efforts in the country resulting in the KNX official training program backed by the Government, a first in Europe, and the only training program officially certified. David also led the creation of the 3rd KNX User Club & Professionals in the World, currently only 9 worldwide.