Strategic & Major Projects Advisory

David Oliver understands large undertakings. He has a unique ability to bring large and complex public & private endeavors into fruition, by working behind the scenes to align interests, resolve potential conflicts and ensure strategic alignment at different levels.

David Oliver provides strategic counsel to both public and private entities in a range of key aspects. He tends to specialize in C-level and Board management, as well as translating the strategies into actionable and measurable items. His involvement is usually at the initial phases of projects, supporting develop the necessary structures, or mid-way through the projects supporting owners develop mechanisms to resolve conflicts and move the projects back on track.

Over the course of any capital project, David Oliver provides the ownership with critical advice to develop a solid governance structure, develop the necessary project controls, identify key risks and mitigation strategies, as well as develop strategies to align to external stakeholders, being regulatory entities, communities, or partnerships.

You can find his sectors of project expertise here.

If you would like to confidentially discuss your project, please reach out directly to David.


Photo by Javier Grixo on Unsplash