Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

David Oliver provides expert c-level counsel to public and private organizations to achieve your objectives: corporate strategy, development of capital projects, engagement with key stakeholders, and more.

David Oliver understands large undertakings. He has a unique ability to bring large and complex public & private endeavors into fruition, by working behind the scenes to align interests, resolve potential conflicts and ensure strategic alignment at different levels.

David provides strategic counsel to both public and private entities in a range of key areas. He translates strategies into actionable and measurable items. He tends to get involved at the early stages of the projects, aligning interests from different stakeholders, developing strong governance structures as well as navigating permitting and regulatory matters.

Empowering Communities

Small communities represent the majority of municipalities across Canada, yet they are vastly underrepresented in key forums and decisions that have a critical impact on their future.

Over the course of his career, David has experienced first-hand the inability of small communities to make their voices heard. In critical aspects such as infrastructure and community projects, they fall behind much larger communities with dedicated in-house resources, therefore getting a smaller share of the support required to develop and cover critical needs.

David supports local communities on infrastructure and community projects, he focuses his work both on educating the communities to understand funding requests and executing capital projects, as well as directly supporting these same communities if they feel the need for external help, but always with the goal to develop the in-house expertise to manage their own affairs.

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About Me

David Oliver is a multi-faceted entrepreneur working at the crossroads of capital, technology, and environment. He works relentlessly for the betterment of fellow Canadians.

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