Below you will find a few quotes from professionals I worked with during last years. If you’d like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David is a great professional with a clear focus on results. As a manager he is bright and really likes listening to people and learning from different points of view, he has a great background.

Alfredo Villalba, Founder & CEO, INMOMATICA

I met David in 2002 while he was the Technical Director of the Spanish Home Automation Society (CEDOM). I had the chance to work with him on the development of the emerging Digital Home market in Spain. David combines an excellent technical background with a clear business vision of the industry value chain. As General…

Javier Zamora, General Manager, ENEO LABS

I worked with David during his period in AFME, CEDOM and KNX associations. David has a huge technical knowledge, is highly responsible and is really good in humans relations. I can recommend him without any doubt.

Javier Gutiérrez, Home & Building Automation Division Manager, FERMAX

David is an open mind executive to deal all kind of challenges in front. With high skills based in his initiative and a high work capacity.

Enrique Ruz Bentué, President, ACCEDA

David is an energetic and highly organized project manager, with a great eye for detail. I worked with him on several projects, including my largest single order for a Marina lighting, and power distribution system at GranvilleIsland.This was a high profile job due to the location, and despite several unavoidable setbacks with the supply of…

Les Nyulak, Technical Sales Specialist, EATON CORPORATION

David and I worked together while he was responsible for KNX Association. Those were the early years of the Association in Spain and his management was key to increase the number of activities during that period of time. This was very appreciated by the associate members. David has remarkable social skills, a communicative behavior and is…

Enric Fajula, Deputy Technical Director, AFME

I had the pleasure to work with David while he was at AFME. I would like to highlight David’s strategic view of the business that makes him one of the most outstanding professionals I have ever worked with. Also worthwhile to mention his great capability to improve the results of the business already proven along…

Ignacio Contín, Group Product Manager, SIMON

David was a trailblazer of implementing marketing solutions from design to execution. He could do it all with great effect, a rare blend of a “doer” and vision… I wish I could leverage his talents now!

Dan Yarmoluk. IoT Business Development at ATEK Access Technologies

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent and insightful mentoring my organization received from David Oliver during the development of the organizational Business Plan that took place over several months in the fall of 2016. Early in 2016, our Board of Directors directed ONC’s Executive Team to create an organization-wide business plan…

Dr. Kate Moran, PhD. President and CEO, OCEAN NETWORKS CANADA