Inspiring Leadership

David Oliver is a natural leader and has extensive experience leading cross-functional teams, both in complex matrix organizations as well as with small teams, either locally or spread across the globe. David shows his best when faced with challenges, where he takes ownership and engage teams to deliver their best. Over the years, David Oliver has … Continue reading Inspiring Leadership

Vision & Strategy

During the course of his career, David Oliver has had the opportunity to develop and implement numerous groundbreaking initiatives. His understanding of the complete value chain, his vision to achieve the greatest together with the strategic mindset allowed him to contribute to the organizations he has partnered with. During the years at CEDOM, David developed a … Continue reading Vision & Strategy

Thorough Execution

Over the course of his career, David has focused himself not only on the strategy, but also on the execution side of the business. During last years in EMEA, David has been tasked to implement high-profile strategic initiatives that involved very large groups of colleagues across regions, functions and divisions. He was able to pull these … Continue reading Thorough Execution

Unleashing Creativity & Innovation

David Oliver is an individual that drives creativity to the teams he manages, and is constantly looking for new ways to getting things done in a way that profoundly changes not only the results, but also the processes and the status quo. He thrives unleashing the creativity in the teams, to make them manifest their … Continue reading Unleashing Creativity & Innovation