Empowering Communities

Small communities represent the largest portion of the global population, yet they are vastly underrepresented in all sorts of forums and key decisions that affect their future.

Over the course of his career, David Oliver has experienced first-hand the inability of small communities to make their voices heard. In critical aspects such as infrastructure and community projects, they fall behind much larger communities with dedicated and in-house resources, therefore getting a smaller share of the capital funding required to develop and cover critical needs. On transport, smaller communities are at the mercy of larger players, being unable to influence the decisions that will mark their future in terms of urban planning, economic development or social development.

David Oliver works to cover these gaps from different angles:

  • on infrastructure and community projects, he focuses his work both on educating the communities to understand funding requests and executing capital projects, as well as directly supporting these same communities if they feel the need for external help, but always with the goal to develop the in-house expertise to manage their own affairs.
  • on transport, David provides communities with vital real-time and aggregate information about the movement of people to, from and within their communities allowing them to make informed decisions and influence larger players or investment entities.

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Project Development 101 Guidebook

A FREE non-technical guidebook developed specifically for Canadian municipalities and First Nation communities to help them understand and develop public funding requests, structure the initial phases of construction projects and avoid the most common problems during the execution of those projects. Learn more.


Strategic & Major Projects Advisory

David Oliver provides strategic counsel and program management expertise to develop public funding requests for infrastructure and community projects, as well as provides advice to put projects back on track if/when they run into trouble. Learn more.


Cowlines Mobility Group

Changing the way people move around urban centers, forever. Cowlines aims to enable people from all over the world to move seamlessly across their cities without the need of their own cars. Learn more.

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash