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As a CEO and co-founder of Greenlines Technology, David Oliver works with individuals, organizations and policy makers to democratize access to carbon markets for everyone. David is a leader in the development of industry-wide systems to accurately quantify, aggregate and monetize emission reductions across key economic sectors to accelerate the decarbonization of society.

The recent IPCC report on Climate Change highlighted the need for transformative action across all levels of society. Even some of the most ambitious initiatives won’t be enough to keep temperature increases below 1.5C. New and innovative approaches are needed if we are to keep our world livable for future generations.

David is a firm believer in human-based decarbonization solutions. The choices we all make on a daily basis impacts our climate – David works to develop systems that reward ‘good’ behaviour at all levels of society by democratizing access to carbon markets.

At Greenlines, David leads the development of groundbreaking sector-wide ‘carbon engines’ that enable the accurate quantification, aggregation and monetization of emission reductions in the urban mobility and e-commerce sectors.

Human-based decarbonization solutions

Greenlines Technology develops and commercializes human-based decarbonization solutions with global impact. We aim to foster the widespread use of low-carbon products and services by unlocking access to carbon markets in large untapped industries.

Greenlines’ patent-pending Mobility and eCommerce Carbon Engines enable third-party organizations to automatically quantify, aggregate and monetize emission reductions at scale.

Future-Proofing Vancouver: Climate Talk vs Climate Action

On November 17, 2021, David Oliver participated as a panelist in the Event “Future-Proofing Vancouver: Climate Talk vs. Climate Action”, organized by the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) and Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business (SFU Beedie). The event co-hosted a hybrid in-person and online conversation around climate action with a panel of relevant experts. The four speakers – minds from local business, trade associations and academia – engaged in lively debate about some of the most transformative ideas for the climate emergency.

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David Oliver is a multi-faceted entrepreneur working at the crossroads of capital, technology, and environment. He works relentlessly for the betterment of fellow Canadians.

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