Public Funding

Public Funding

Navigating different levels of government and identifying the right funding program for your organization to achieve public funding can be a challenge. We are here to help.

Discover public funding opportunities across Canada

Leverage public funding to accelerate growth.

All levels of government provide financial mechanisms to communities and industry to achieve their strategic goals. The COVID pandemic has created a unique situation with pend up demand for existing programs as well as the creation of new ones targeting sectors of the economy impacted by COVID.

Our goal is to level the playing field for organizations of all sizes to access public funding across Canada. With hundreds of existing programs, and new ones created every week, we are here to help identify the right ones for you and held navigate the process for a successful funding ask.

In this two-part article in the Journal of Commerce, David Oliver provides an overview of public funding programs applicable to the construction industry, including available programs, where to find them, and how to maximize the chances of getting funded.

Part One: “Grants may provide glimmers of hope for construction companies hard hit by COVID”

Part Two: “How and where to apply for government grants for construction companies”

A wide range of opportunities awaits


Available public funding programs


Key funding categories


Unspent funds (Infrastructure Canada – March 2021)


There is no funding available due to COVID-19
Funding always goes to large corporations
Getting public funding is very hard
Public funding comes with too many strings attached
Only well-connected folks get funding
There are no programs that fund what I need
Lots of time and resources are needed to get approved

Your path to funding

Every ask is unique, but having a proven formula helps.


Program Selection

The first step consists on scanning relevant funding programs across all levels of government, ensuring alignment with the proposed project. Identified programs are prioritized before being assessed in detail across 20 different categories.


Outreach Strategy

Once a funding program(s) is identified, it is time to develop an outreach strategy to validate alignment between the funding ask and the program itself, identify key decision-makers, and ensure timing is right. This phase may include the development of a business case, feasibility study, stakeholder support, and more.


Funding Ask

The final step is making the ask. Depending on the size of the ask, additional steps may be required to ensure buy-in from decision-makers and alignment to government priorities, prior to submission of the formal funding application.

“Successful funding requests align with governments’ priorities and timing, demonstrate the need, return on public investment, and the proponent’s ability to execute.”


Key components of a successfull business case

Demonstrate the Need

Demonstrate the ability to execute

Demonstrate the return on public investment

Get the basics of public funding & capital project development

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