Project Development 101

About this Guidebook

As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, numerous small communities across the country are gearing up to request public funding for the development of major projects to cover their critical needs, from infrastructure to healthcare, education and housing.

This easy-to-read guidebook intends to support the social and economic development of small municipalities and First Nations across Canada by providing project owners with a clear and proven approach to the development of these local construction projects, from funding to the shovel in the ground. It also provides project owners struggling at different phases of their projects with a simple, yet effective, approach to resolve the most common and the most critical challenges.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT 101 byDavidOliver sp (PDF 7MB)


  • Canadian Statistics
  • Executive Summary
  • Why Now?
  • Projects in Small Communities
  • A 30,000 Foot View
  • Six Critical Elements
  • A Few Golden Rules
  • I finally got the cash. Now What?
  • Help! I’m in Trouble
  • A Look at the Future of Construction
  • What’s all that Jargon?
  • Learn More
  • Acknowledgements

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