Sustainable Living, Rewarded: The Benefits of Carbon Credits for Consumers

As consumers, we have the power to drive significant change in reducing emissions and combating climate change through our daily choices. Carbon markets provide a valuable tool for incentivizing low-carbon choices, such as using heat pumps instead of gas furnaces, choosing vegan diets, flying with airlines that use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and more. By providing financial incentives, carbon markets empower consumers to make a positive impact on the environment while also saving money.

Carbon Credits Done Right: How Greenlines’ MCE is Making a Real Impact in Urban Mobility

Recent controversy in carbon markets highlighted the need to rely on data and technology to ensure offset projects generate the environmental benefits they promise. But sometimes, the solution is ‘literally’ in the palm of your hand, inside a simple trip planning app.

Carbon Credits: Canada’s $33 Billion-Dollar Opportunity in the Post-Paris Agreement World

Canada is a vast country with abundant natural resources, making it one of the world’s leading exporters of key commodities such as petroleum products, grains, potash, and forestry products. These exports play a vital role in the global economy, powering industry, feeding the world, and keeping it running smoothly. The billions of dollars generated byContinue reading “Carbon Credits: Canada’s $33 Billion-Dollar Opportunity in the Post-Paris Agreement World”

Our Titanic is sinking – should we plug the holes, or pump the water out? How about both?

Our Titanic is sinking, and there is no time left to argue what is the best solution to get us out. With carbon markets, the debate on whether or not carbon offset should be used to fight climate change continues. Also, whether removals should be prioritized versus avoidance. Does it matter anymore? Or should we use all options available, before our ship sinks?