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ITMOS: The Key to Unlocking India and Canada’s Low-Carbon Future

India’s announcement of activities for carbon trading under Article 6.2 mechanism is a bold move towards a low-carbon future. With a focus on emerging technologies and international finance, India aims to promote sustainable development and attract foreign investment. Canada can learn from India’s efforts and also profit from the sales of ITMOS. India’s climate ambition is leading the way in…

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Renewable Diesel: The Cleaner Alternative to Electric Vehicles?

This blog post dives into the heated debate over the future of transportation fuels, exploring the pros and cons of both electric vehicles and renewable diesel. From carbon emissions to food prices and implementation hurdles, every aspect is carefully evaluated. As policymakers strive towards decarbonization, find out how market-based approaches and investment can shape the future of the transportation industry.

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Sustainable Living, Rewarded: The Benefits of Carbon Credits for Consumers

As consumers, we have the power to drive significant change in reducing emissions and combating climate change through our daily choices. Carbon markets provide a valuable tool for incentivizing low-carbon choices, such as using heat pumps instead of gas furnaces, choosing vegan diets, flying with airlines that use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and more. By providing financial incentives, carbon markets…

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