Renewable Diesel: The Cleaner Alternative to Electric Vehicles?

This blog post dives into the heated debate over the future of transportation fuels, exploring the pros and cons of both electric vehicles and renewable diesel. From carbon emissions to food prices and implementation hurdles, every aspect is carefully evaluated. As policymakers strive towards decarbonization, find out how market-based approaches and investment can shape the future of the transportation industry.

Carbon Credits: Canada’s $33 Billion-Dollar Opportunity in the Post-Paris Agreement World

Canada is a vast country with abundant natural resources, making it one of the world’s leading exporters of key commodities such as petroleum products, grains, potash, and forestry products. These exports play a vital role in the global economy, powering industry, feeding the world, and keeping it running smoothly. The billions of dollars generated byContinue reading “Carbon Credits: Canada’s $33 Billion-Dollar Opportunity in the Post-Paris Agreement World”

How to give back to Canada? By launching a new kind of business!

After years involved in capital projects, I decided to give back to Canada by supporting organizations successfully develop large projects.